Sometimes, I meet women who are not interested in dating because of their previous failed dating or relationship experiences. It could be devastating especially if previous attempts ended with painful breakups. Always remember not to focus on previous bad experiences as they can hinder the prospects of future relationship. My observation is that, most women fail to learn from their past relationships thereby making similar or same mistakes over and over again. It is surprising to note that some of these breakups are not necessary the fault of the men involved but rather the attitudes of the women. I have seen many women forgetting about their past mistakes and meeting their “MR RIGHT” once they had the right attitude and thinking.

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There are so many dating rules written and probably still being written. I have collated the below dating rules for women as worth taken note of. These are from experiences and observations made. The below are worth noting and sharing with friends;

  • Be Good-Looking

Ensure you look great at all times irrespective of your earnings. Have a presentable hair and some lipstick and little make-up. It is important to look at your best and remember as a woman you always have the advantage. Do not overdo this as it can cause some men to run away. Your date might possibly be your Mr. Right so look your best.

  • Do Not Reveal too Many Information

Do not reveal information you do not have to. This is possible if you do not talk too much. Be careful what you say and make sense. Examples; do not talk about previous relationships, do not talk too much about your dad or compare him to your date. Women talk when they are anxious and can be very emotional. I believe in being honest and open in a relationship but give chance for the progress of your relationship before you give certain essential information.

  • Keep Dates Short

Do not stay on dates for long time, keep it short-lived.Try to go home early after your date, relax and reflect on how your date was. Longer dates could lead to sharing too many information about yourself or taken certain actions that you would probably not have taken if you keep your date short. Do not rush take it easy and allow yourself to know your date.

  • The Man Should Pay

Allow the man to pay the bill for your dates. I know many women would want to shy away from this but it is a way to know if he is interested in you and responsible.

  • Play Hard to Get Sometimes

Do not jump at every invite and available all the time. Try and make yourself a little hard to get sometimes. Do not be available anytime you are asked to go out.

  • Be Time Conscious but not Too early

Do your possible best to get there once you accept to go on the date, but do not be too early, it could look like you are desperate, do not show desperation. Remember as a lady you have an advantage because you are the “woman“. Enjoy being the woman.

  • No Assumptions

Do not assume anything just relax and enjoy your date. Do not ask many questions, if you do so you will come across as being investigative, not a good sign for first dates. Always remember first impressions matter. I am not advocating that you pretend but rather just be yourself.

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If you are not impressed with a first date, you can try for a second with the same person. If you still have the same impression the next time round then you would have to advice yourself. Remember if you are not getting it right with your date then it is most likely when you start a relationship it would not work either. You should not rush and get involved in a relationship quickly because you think you are growing old or time is not on your side.

It is better to get it right by waiting patiently for your “Mr. Right” than rush into a relationship and make a great mistake and then eventually a painful break-up. It is a big world your right partner will definitely locate you. Do not rush in making a decision concerning a date or a relationship. Remember you are a woman and you have the privilege as such!!!!

Share a comment on the above dating rules OR you can add more dating tips. Sharing is caring.

“Love with Care and Protect Yourself

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  1. Neiks Neiks

    I am really learning a lot from ur article. I want to ask this …is it healthy or advisable to date , court, n marry a man 5 years your junior?

  2. nana esi

    So a lady should never pay for anything? Or you meant this for only when going on the first number of dates

    • What I meant was your later sentence, allow the man to show some level of responsibility on your first few dates do not be in haste to do so as the woman. But subsequent dates if you so wish you can contribute. Thanks for the question, I hope I have done justice if not please let me know….

  3. nana esi

    I think it’s natural that sometimes you may be expectant especially when your date might have given you that impression(i guess we have different ways of communicating and understanding things), it’s not a great feeling when you end up feeling disappointed…we sure shouldn’t make assumptions

    • For sure no need to make assumptions. Thanks for visiting & commenting on the article….

  4. Baaba

    Thanks for sharing. A lot of us think by being early ul look desperate. But I think if the guy is for real he will appreciate u being punctual rather than seeing u as desperate!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing your thought Baaba, of cause it is good to be punctual so far as you do not come across as desperate then that should be fine. Please share article with your friends too….

  5. Lillian

    I belive you have given us good advice. However my question is on how realistic it is in the Ghanaian context. Dating as you have put it is not the normal Ghanaian way of life if I’m right. Hardly do people go out on official dates in Ghana. For instance, in schools (universities ) what happens is that the guy comes to visit you, you meet at lectures, he walks you to your room among other things. What advice would you give in that case?

    • Thanks for visiting and reading my article on dating rules for women. People understand dating from different perspectives. I will explain and answer your question on coupleclick chat. Always remember to share my articles with friends…thanks

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