A marriage can be likened to a tie knot. I was motivated to share this piece when I saw a picture designed by my graphic designer. It brought many ideas to me including what I am sharing now. I have written few articles on the subject of due diligence before marriage or before you “SAY I DO” and I am of the view that there is no need to rush into marriage, not because your age mates are doing so or because you are aging or you are being pressurized by anyone. For the purpose of this write up you must assume a tied knot together with a picture of a couple and another knot that has been separated with one side showing the picture of the man and the other side showing the picture of the woman.

*In the first knot you can see the man and wife who signify that ‘THE MARRIAGE KNOT’ as I want to call it for the purpose of this write up starts with only the couple. This explains why you must take and stick to your decisions together.

* Whether your marriage will work or not just like any ambition or dream you have largely depends on you. In the knot you can see only the man and his wife and no one else. This means that you have to enjoy your successes and endure your challenges. When there are tough times you have to spend time as a couple, communicate with each other and find workable solutions. It is not the time to run and tell the world about your issues, because remember everyone has issues.

* From the first knot I can explain that the more couples stay close together: that is the more they love each other, share their happiness and endure tough times, communicate effectively and are determined to make their marriage work the knot will get stronger and tighter.

*However once you allow circumstances, situations or people to enter the knot and because it is meant to hold just the two of you it will become weak and you will be drawn apart from each other and eventually can lead to separation. The beautiful knot which is meant to hold the two of you, signifying your love and commitment to each other must be kept and maintained by couples with Jesus at the center and no one else.

Never think that there exists a perfect marriage anywhere in life or in this world, because those you may think are perfect have just decided to stick to their vows and make their marriage work by keeping their marriage knot tighter and closer together by remembering their vows.

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