In part one, I touched on the importance of humility and submission of the wife to her husband. I unlocked some secretes on the issue of submission and on what to submit and how to do it. Many will argue about the issues raised but that only goes to show that the views expressed in the article is not cast in stone. No two situations are the same in marriages.

Another key attribute of a perfect wife is a woman who is hard working. It is on record that women are generally harder working than men. They are more passionate and more emotional with their work than their male counterparts but sadly, little recognition is given to their illustriousness.

In our society women will wake up a great while before day, and start preparing their wares for the market or stores. Food vendors wake up as early as 3am to start their cooking in order to get to the road side by 6am. Market women scramble left-right-center to make it to their stalls early enough to serve the first customer; not withstanding family chores and the duty of taking care of the kids before leaving the home.

That being said, there are others who are as lazy as an anaconda or a koala. The only thing they know to do is to sleep, wake up, eat and sleep again. They think that all they need to do is to look pretty, satisfy a man sexually and then everything they need will be provided. Well this could be true when you have an attractive body and a youthful appearance. But the big question is what happens when your body begins to fail and you do not look the part anymore? Worse, what happens when after lying on your back several times, you produce children? Who will bath them, dress them, feed them, wash their things among others.

Men love a woman who can satisfy their sexual needs but most often than not, they want one who can do that as well as industrious. Such a woman will hardly lack a good husband and her home is absolutely sweet and joyous. Many in the society adore her and she commands respect. She is a mother to many who are not even her biological children. The bible describes such a woman as a virtuous woman. There is no poverty in her home and hunger is an alien to her children.

My ladies there is nothing worse for a man than a lazy wife.  As you wait and search for your dream husband, make sure you are also learning to work hard. Trust me, to be a wife is not a walk in the park. Just being good in bed is not enough to help you. But knowing how to work with your hands will be your greatest asset.

A man will promise you many things in order to win your heart; yes the things you want to here. But you will soon find that he cannot even help himself let alone take your burden as well as the children. He will just end up running away from you and leaving you to surfer pain, agony and disappointment. Please help yourself by paying attention to your books, career and future: your freedom as an adult lies in those. Make it a point to be an industrious woman and wife because diligence and hard work pays.

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