Unlike most journeys for instance traveling from London to New York, where the pilot would know exactly when and how to get there, the marriage journey has a different twist to it. It’s requires adventuring into many unknown territories. Marriage consists of hard work, commitment, love, endurance, patience among others. With some years of experience I can assertively say that one needs to have an accommodative heart and the fear of God in order to stay married.


Some people are of the view that during the third year of marriage, many couples may be confronted with the temptations that can force them into a divorce. I however have a different opinion. The 3rd year break-up scenario cannot be a general rule for all couples. We are all different people with varied upbringing and beliefs. In my opinion couples discover themselves in the early years of marriage. Some couples may end up disagreeing and quarreling more, but with time you are expected to make the necessary adjustments and move on. With the passage of time, both of you become familiar with each other and no longer hold grudges to the same things you used to fight over. The little fights or quarrels on how the toothpaste should be pressed, the throwing of dirty laundries about, assumptions on different issues among others, would not be issues any longer. This does not mean all couples get fed or want a break-up after three years in marriage.

There is nothing like coming home to meet a wife or a husband who understands and loves you. It is important that you marry someone you love first, because money, assets and all other things are of secondary matter and they should never determine your love for your spouse, because marriage is a beautiful journey, if the parties involved are determined and purposed to make it so.



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