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  1. KWEKU

    Must, we always love ? Especially when the signs are pointing dangers or deadly outcomes in the life of the relationship. Also against the fact that, the whole world are on you to still be committed to the said relationship.
    Like fruitlessly spending your time in a relationship, or a relationship that is showing symptoms or signs of endless frustrations that might trigger deadly experiences.

    • coupleclick

      In my opinion aside LOVE one should get other benefits from a relationship. There could be many benefits, but the two main benefit I term as “MUST HAVE” are as follows;

      1. YOU SHOULD BECOME A BETTER PERSON- What I mean here is you should through your relationship relate to people better, know how to treat others, be helpful, caring, loving, compassionate, ready to listen, accommodating to others among others. If you are in a relationship with someone & you are not improving as a person, then you should advice yourself. It is a sign that you are not good for each other. For instance if your behaviour or attitude depicts anger, aggressiveness, yelling or swearing at people any time you meet with your partner then it immediately shows you are not in a healthy relationship. Of cause there could be days of disagreements or fights but it shouldn’t be all the time.

      2. YOU SHOULD BRING OUT THE BEST IN EACH OTHER – You may be an accountant when you started dating but after being together for sometime you could also discover that you could sing, play an instrument, start a business, writing among others. You should not be in a relationship with someone who can’t bring out the best in you but rather always discourages you, this is not a good sign of a healthy relationship.
      If you are in a relationship that shows signs of danger or frustrations that could lead to a deadly end kindly take advice from my explanations.

      If you are in a relationship and you know the person is not good for you or the relationship is not working remember to do what is best for you and no one else. Imagine a lady who is thirty-five years of age & in a hostile relationship prior to marriage where the man beats her anytime he’s angry, though they LOVE each other. Would you advice she keeps up with the relationship because she is growing older? I would advice an immediate break up to such a relationship irrespective of the fact that the lady is growing older or the opinion of their families or friends. The fact that she is growing older doesn’t mean she should spend the rest of her life as a slave. Let us think carefully & make cautious decisions when it comes to the matters of the HEART, love with your HEART but make decisions with your brains. The fact that you are in love doesn’t mean your thinking abilities should be compromised.

  2. KWAME

    Let’s say… You have met a lady for the first time and in the course of chatting with her, the lady brought her financial challenges to bear. Meanwhile judging by her face and godly appearance alone, one can establish relationship that might lead to marriage. My question is, is it advisable to discontinue seeing such a lady? Just for having exposed her sufferings to you on first meeting with her?

    • coupleclick

      There is nothing wrong if you genuinely have an affection for the lady it is very natural or normal. After all in life we all encounter challenges in one way or the other. Firstly, I’m assuming something about you attracted the lady to approach you & then to confide in you to discuss her personal issues.Not one thing about all humans, before anyone either a man or a woman takes an action, he or she has carefully thought through the action & how to execute it, either GOOD or BAD.

      The question is do you genuinely care about this lady? Are you certain that you are not taking advantage of her current circumstance(s). If you do care for her and you are certain that are not taking advantage of her, then I see no reason why you cannot continue to be friends & who knows may be as you stated in your question a possible relationship. Don’t think about the circumstances that brought you two together. Many couples met under circumstances that did not depict that they were going to be married couples in the future but ended up marrying. It is all about LOVE that is what matters & if you meet each others criteria on what you want and expect from your man or woman.

      1. Let the lady know you genuinely care about her
      2. At the appropriate time make your intentions known to her, that is taking the friendship to next level.
      3. Ensure she genuinely cares about you too. The danger here is that if you don’t handle the situation well she may be forced to accept your friendship because of how helpful you are to her.
      4. I would also advice that you don’t give her physical things like money or gift all the time. You can even pretend you don’t have sometimes, just to see her reaction & attitude in such a situation.This would help you to know if she also feels the same way about you and not just after your help or money. You should do this before starting a relationship of any kind.The truth is if she genuinely cares about you, you would know from her attitude and behaviour, though some people can pretend.
      However the final decision lies with you. Do what is best for you.Always remember to apply wisdom in all that you do.(Proverbs 4:5; 2:3 & 25:3-4)


  3. Neiks Neiks

    My question is …Is it healthy or advisable for a woman to date , court n marry a man 5 years her Junior?

    • coupleclick

      A woman dating and eventually marrying a man 5yrs younger her age based on love is absolutely fine. People usually say age is just a number; of cause it is BUT in my opinion I would like you to consider the following.

      The bigger question is; is it all about LOVE?

      Naturally women age faster than men. As a woman always consider this . As the years go by you may look older than your man. If the man is not disciplined & one who fears the LORD (Psalm 112:1-3) he might end up going after other women. That is not to say all those who identify themselves as Christian men are disciplined. As a Christian I believe it is only through JESUS CHRIST that we can live a righteous life.(Romans 3:20-24)

      Many women have issues with submitting to their husbands. This is a whole topic for debate in itself. I know the Bible to be the only BOOK which perfectly explains this important topic and also serve as a guide for respect issues irrespective of your age as a woman. The Word of God admonishes a woman to submit to the man as the Head of the family.(Ephesians 5:22-23) Will u be willing to submit to a man 5years younger your age. When you are taking a decision and you think yours is right but he insist on his opinion & his position, would you submit not thinking “what does this man know after all am far older & wiser”.

      Some people would like to have kids some years after marriage. As the lady you may be growing older, how many years are u going to date before getting married. Having kids immediately after marriage or later on in marriage, should be an important topic to discuss. If your man is looking to start a family 5 years after marriage then you should consider the age factor. You would not like to marry as a woman & give birth @ an older age, remember menopause is awaiting on all women and this is a fact not to mention various complications associated with giving birth @ an older age. Studies have shown some women are experiencing menopause much earlier than it used to be some years back.

      The question to answer here is, will both families accept the two of you marrying despite the age difference? What will you do if your parents do not accept that you marry, will you proceed & marry without your parents blessing.Remember what the bible says in (Ephesians 6:1-2) I would advice you seek counsel & the opinions of your parents before you proceed with such a relationship.

      Having explained all the above, in my opinion the final decision lies with you the woman, make a decision that is best for you. In life always remember to take responsibility for your actions & decisions.


  4. Lillian

    Oh OK. Thanks for making things clearer.

    • Thanks Lilian for your question. Please share my articles with friends & invite them to visit coupleclick chat to ask questions on relationships.

  5. Thanks Lilian for your question, the instances you gave depending on how the arrangements are made between a guy and a lady on campuses (universities) are examples of going on a date. Dating means different things to different people depending on how you classify the situation at hand. Going on a date in my opinion could be a walk down the park, a walk to buy an ice cream, a visit to the cinema among others, simply put it, it could involve the simplest things. It does not necessary have to be wearing glamorous outfit and sitting in a luxurious car and visiting expensive places.
    In Ghana some people have interesting perception about going on a date. Some people think it should be something big but that should not necessary be it. My article was targeted at explaining both going for a date and then taking the friendship to the next level of actually starting a relationship which could be termed as dating or courtship. I therefore think the article is very applicable in the Ghanaian context and that going on a date happens in Ghana each and everyday just that people’s perception on the term is bigger than what it simplest meaning is. And there is nothing like an official date, we all have to learn to take it easy and enjoy the simple things in life just as going on a date.

    We have to learn as a society to keep things simple. I hope I have answered your question. If not you can ask more questions to keep the chat going because I am very interested in answering and giving my opinion on this important subject.

    I invite visitors to join in this chat to share a comment about their opinion on going for a date because all that I have explained is based on my opinion….Let’s keep on chatting and always remember sharing is caring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lillian

    I belive you have given us good advice. However my question is on how realistic it is in the Ghanaian context. Dating as you have put it is not the normal Ghanaian way of life if I’m right. Hardly do people go out on official dates in Ghana. For instance, in schools (universities ) what happens is that the guy comes to visit you, you meet at lectures, he walks you to your room among other things. What advice would you give in that case?

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